Methodology and Models for Residential Self Selection

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6). Sources for Residential selection are: attitudes and social demographic traits. With residential to the latter, an example of self-selection is that low-income and zero-vehicle households may choose to live in neighborhoods with ample transit service and hence use transit more. In this case, it is not good transit facilities, but the households’ economic constraints that have a true and direct influence on their choice of transit model.
Today urbanization is increasing rapidly with global opportunities and economic development of the country. So, there are more number of people are migrating from other areas to Urban. The density of the population increases, but the infrastructure like transportation facilities have not improved that much. Then there is a cause of Traffic congestion as well as increasing the fuel consumption. Urban areas are developing very fast and sprawl all over the sub- urban areas. Already central areas of the cities are overcrowded, So, then the people are moving to suburban areas for living. Then the term Residential Self selection plays an important role on the travel behavior of the individual. Travel behavior of the person depends on the so many factors including the income level of the…
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