Methodology and Procedure

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This paper will discuss the method of research to be used, the respondents of the study, the sampling technique, the instrument to be used, the validation of the instrument, the administration of the instrument and the statistical treatment of the data that will be gathered.

Method of Research to be used

According to Swetnam (2000) "Writing Your Dissertation" How To Books, research falls into two basic styles, "objective" and "subjective". Objective approaches are concerned with the physical characteristics and the external world, universally applicable rules and laws, tested through hypothesis, experiment and survey. Subjective approaches deal with the created social lives of groups and individuals through
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The respondents of the study were selected personnel of Dunlop Hiflex Ltd. The personnel selected for the study were so selected because of their direct involvement with the original lean manufacturing change programme. The respondents were all members of the various lean implementation teams. They were multi-skilled and also possessed specialist knowledge in areas such as Kaizen, Customer Services, Production Control, Maintenance and Human Resources. A full respondent portfolio can be seen at appendix D. The Kaizen engineers that were involved in the original lean implementation programme were trained formally in the tools and techniques of kaizen, and had previous experience working within World Class Organisations such as Unipart Industries.

The secondary sources of data would come from published articles, social science journals, theses and related studies on lean manufacturing and continuous improvement programmes.

For this research design, the researcher would gather data, collate published studies from different local and foreign universities and articles from social science journals, distribute sampling questionnaires; arrange interviews; and make a content analysis of the collected documentary and verbal material. Upon completion of this process, the researcher would summarise all the information, make conclusions based on the researched data and
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