Methodology for Research Study

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Chapter 3: Methodology The methodology chapter will be focused on accomplishing two objectives: 1) it will detail the methodology being utilized for this research study and 2) it will reveal and justify the choice of methodology for the study. The primary sub-sections of this chapter are as follows: Research philosophy Research approach Research type and Time line Data Collection Methods Quantitative Validity Sampling Strategy Research design Data Analysis The fundamental aim behind dividing the methodology chapter into these sections is to clearly reveal all the problems as well as aspects of the research and application so that it can be proven to be practical, beneficial as well as well-designed (Cohen, Manion and Morrison, 2000). Also, this division allows the researcher to offer a sensible as well as exploratory abstract of the overall aims and objectives of the research study as described in the "research process onion" model introduced by Saunders et al. (2003, p.83). SamplingSecondary dataObservationInterviewsQuestionnairesResearchphilosophyPositivismRealismInterpretivismResearchapproachesDeductiveInductiveResearchstrategiesExperimentSurveyCasestudyGroundedtheoryEthnographyAction researchTimehorizonsCross sectionalLongitudinalData collectionmethods Sampling Secondary data Observation Interviews Questionnaires Research philosophy Positivism Realism Interpretivism Research approaches Deductive Inductive Research strategies
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