Methods And Methods Of The Project Management

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1. Advantage
1) Providing specification of actions at various stages of the process and for various functions.
PMBOK helps all members of the organization or the project management team to perform their function effectively. Under normal circumstances, one department of a company may response for a specific process in one way while other department implements different steps. PMBOK provides a framework to every department so that every unit can efficiently focus on their part of project.
2)Providing an understanding and framework of project management.
Processes and methods of PMBOK are documented each step of the way. This documented steps make it easier for people who may be not familiar with specific process in a particular project.
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In a model-based methodologies such as PMBOK or PRINCE2, the rules are clearly definite. Since the models could be applied to diffident projects, they structure parts of system which relationships are clear.

2. Disadvantages
1) Prolixity for small projects.
Both PMBOK and PRINCE2 have many processes. This will be suitable and efficient for big projects which need many different departments and steps to complete. However, for the small projects some processes seems to be excess.
2) Lack of flexibility.
Although models such as PRINCE2 is carefully written to be applicable in many different kinds of industry, it tends to be inefficient in projects which are plagued by lots of change because the requirements are not clear upfront.
3) Some are not widely recognized.
In US and Canada PRINCE2 is not a common PM methodology. It is only famous in UK and some countries in western Europe.
4) Bureaucratic.
If not understood and applied appropriately, PRINCE2 is often seen as bureaucratic.
5)”Soft skills” are not covered.
The “soft skills” of PM such as stakeholder management and conflict management are not covered within PRINCE2.

3. Example case of PRINCE2
This is a case of PRINCE2 applied to a pen project which is conducted by CopyWorld365, a company that sells printing / photo copying machines. In this project, it includes 4 main parts: Pre-Project, Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. All of them based on PRINCE2 process-based method.
In the pre-project
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