Methods And Methods Of The Project Management

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1. Advantage
1) Providing specification of actions at various stages of the process and for various functions.
PMBOK helps all members of the organization or the project management team to perform their function effectively. Under normal circumstances, one department of a company may response for a specific process in one way while other department implements different steps. PMBOK provides a framework to every department so that every unit can efficiently focus on their part of project.
2)Providing an understanding and framework of project management.
Processes and methods of PMBOK are documented each step of the way. This documented steps make it easier for people who may be not familiar with specific process in a particular project.
3)Providing the basis for educational programs.
In a project, a team is assembled to execute the project. Since employees come from different work environment and experience, there is a graduate learning process of the job and cross dependencies, which is a high cost for the project. PM methodologies helps people to form uniform skills to work on different projects.
4) Removing real world complexity by focussing on what is specific to project goal achievement.
In the real world there are lots of information which may interfere the real resources we need in a project. Models such as PMBOK or PRINCE2 help people to identify the information and make them focus on the project goal.
5) Providing a simpler expression of the rules and relationships…
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