Methods And Reflection Of Major Depressive Disorder

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Method and Reflection While researching about major depressive disorder, we tried to find valid articles that had a great explanation of the disorder. We were looking for deeper information as to why people have this disorder, how do they come about having this disorder and how/if people can overcome this common disorder. There was a great amount of resources through the internet with helpful information. The internet is a great resource because they even include several experiments to explain their research. Another method of research was looking through the library to find helpful books that are filled with information. To prevent any challenges as a group, we would get together and look over what we needed to accomplish. Then we would evenly divide the work load and send our information to each other when we were done. If we had any questions about the research or written aspect, we would reach out to each other via email and help each other. Discussion How is it that this disorder could have a negative impact on a person’s life? The negative impact on a person’s life with major depression disorder is endless. Unfortunately, there are no positive impacts that this disorder can offer in an individuals life. Relationships can quickly waver, work can slowly become a difficult task to complete properly, and self-esteem can be strongly effected in a negative way. All these things which harm an individual with this psychological disorder. Without any form of help, or love
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