Methods For Creating A Program

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As the focus and scope of the project evolved, so did the methods used to find a solution to the scheduling problem. The approach to creating a program had several stages, including a method to define several distinct weeklong schedules to combine, a method taking into account non-standardized class schedules, and a method combining consistent schedules with additional constraints. These approaches were each based on the current understanding of the scope and requirements of the project. In the first stage of the project, the focus was on creating several week long schedule blocks, composed of mixed shift lengths, that could be combined together over the entire year to achieve a schedule complying with the ACGME. These schedule blocks would be grouped by their intended use, such as which day a clinic session was on, day shifts or night shifts, specific educational blocks like the GPC, and split between first and second/third year residents. This schedule would be implemented on top of previously assigned educational units and clinic sessions, and optimized for the correct number of residents during each hour of the day. Figure 3A demonstrates the schedule blocks, showing the hours assigned by each block over the course of a Wednesday. This method also included an implementation of the previously defined linear program, allowing scheduling blocks to be efficiently created for each of the situations required by the method. As more information was gathered, it became clear
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