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Summarize, in YOUR own words (do NOT copy from the website) two of the methods for sustainable agriculture from (including all hyperlinks used). Cover crops is the first method I will cover. Cover crops are essentially an alternative crop that get planted between growing cycles. There can be a number of positive reasons for doing so. A cover crop can hold the soil together ad reduce erosion. If ploughed into the soil or mowed and left as cut material, this provides a more natural revitalisation of organic material and therefore nutrients to the land. This is a more healthier alternative to manufactured strong fertiliser to replenish nutrients to the soil for the next crop. Certain crops can also act as detergents to pets and diseases. Another use of cover crops is to act as a cover crop and feed for livestock meeting dual needs. URL’s used to reference material regarding cover crops NSW Department of Primary Industries. (n.d.). Protect your land - use cover crops. Retrieved from Union of Concerned Scientists. (n.d.). Solutions: Advance Sustainable Agriculture. Retrieved from Union of Concerned Scientists. (2013). Cover Crops. Retrieved from
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