Methods Of Accessing Data Information

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Methods of Accessing Data
Determine where the information is available. Using both primary and secondary research, the question of how this information will be retrieved is the first thing to be determined. The MIS already has information that can be generated by internal reports. These reports can include billing, orders, receivables, inventory levels and stock outs. This information will show what the consumers are currently leading toward in the vehicles purchased. The system can also generate reports showing specific marketing problems of the company that are available in the component sub systems. Nick Thomas already stated they he desires to use a secondary source of trade publications.
The primary source is to hire an outside research marketing agency to interview people specifically regarding the problem at hand. Using the secondary data we can research what fuel efficient automobiles are the most popular and what alternate choices for fuel regarded as most desired now and in the future. The published sources will have usable statistics. Libraries, online information, and marketing research companies will already have this information as well as the company’s competitor’s data regarding fuel efficient car sales.
Design Data Collection Forms (or scripts)
An important category of questions for the survey to contain is background information on the person that is taking the survey. This should include geographics, psychographics, demographics, and behavioral
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