Methods Of Design For Social Capital

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Methods of Design for Social Capital Social capital in collaborative economy intermediaries is incorporated by design. This section outlines some of the available methods for designing for inclusivity. Much of the existing research around designing for trust online focuses on increasing users’ trust. Researchers Riegelsberger, Sasse, and McCarthy (2005) instead decided to design a framework focusing on factors that lead the “trusted actor” (service provider) to act in a trustworthy manner. The design heuristics include stable identity, traceability/accountability, group membership, group identity, social presence, and recording outcomes. By limiting users to ATB Financial customers, trust is created through stable identity and group…show more content…
This is the most common way to establish trust in the collaborative economy. A complaint of these reputation systems is the accuracy of reviews given and the tendency to only provide extremely satisfied or extremely unsatisfied reviews. Some platforms are aware of this and incorporate mechanisms to encourage accurate, average reviews. For example, Airbnb added a feature in 2014 to reveal host and guest reviews simultaneously to make both parties feel comfortable in leaving honest reviews without the worry of a dishonest retaliatory review. The ATB gig site will not only reveal reviews simultaneously, it will have a template for constructive feedback. The template will ask for a rating and/or review of specific behaviours, such as adhering to the terms of the agreement. Both parties, in advance of the gig, will negotiate the agreement to facilitate clear communication and expectations. Rare and used mostly in online gaming, hybrid trust models use both network structure and interactions to compute trust. In this model, interacting users exchange friend lists that are saved as a friendship graph. The more frequent the interactions and the longer their duration, the higher the trust value. This is an infrequently used trust model. This model may be considered for a future iteration of the site, but only for ATB employees to identify service providers who would be a good fit for a permanent role with ATB.
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