Methods Of Measure Crimes And Collect Data

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In this assignment I am going to outline the methods used to measure crimes and collect data. For instances, victim survey (also known as British crime survey) and police records are two methods used to collect data from those affect by crime in England and Wales by the Home Office Crime Statistics. Both provide different trends of crime and discuss the level repeated victamisations and reporting incidents as well as crime committed against the public such as particularly for offences involving physical harm, loss or damage to property.
Victim survey is a type of method used to measure crime rate by asking a sample of people how they have been offended and what kind of crimes were committed against them over a fixed period of time. This is a suitable way of collecting data through interviewing people who live in England and Wales. This measure could be helpful by finding the right statistics of crimes in society as well as different ways of reducing crime. This collected survey is important, as it has developed the ‘understanding of international crime and victimization’ (Donely, 2012:78). This particular survey is also used to compare the rates of crime and victimization, as they are able to find the right statistic. A valuable thing about the BCS is they stipulate valuable information about the nature of crime such as the location the crime took place as well as the timing crime and the risk to different groups in the population. Page 10
In addition, the crime survey
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