Methods Of Prolonging Life Essay

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In Pursuit of Forever      Although it is certainly an important operative factor, the commonly-interpreted explanation of aging and death, a sort of simple degeneration of the body’s mechanical and chemical systems through time and usage, does not apply very well to the truth. The human body replaces every constituent atom naturally every seven years. Unlike machines, our bodies are in a constant state of self-repair and regulation, and it is the breakdown of the systems that govern these activities which concern gerentologists. The presently debated basic theories of aging center around explanations of this point. Although these theories are many, and some quite technical, they can be lumped, in layman’s terms…show more content…
Using microscopes and fine tools, they join delicate blood vessels and nerves. Yet even the best micro-surgeon cannot cut and stitch finer tissue structures. Modern scalpels and sutures are simply too coarse for repairing capillaries , cells, and molecules. Consider "delicate" surgery from a cell's perspective: a huge blade sweeps down, chopping blindly past and through the molecular machinery of a crowd of cells, slaughtering thousands. Later, a great obelisk plunges through the divided crowd, dragging a cable as wide as a freight train behind it to rope the crowd together again. From a cell's perspective, even the most delicate surgery, performed with exquisite knives and great skill, is still a butcher job. Only the ability of cells to abandon their dead, regroup, and multiply makes healing possible.      Yet as many paralyzed accident victims know too well, not all tissues heal.      One of the simplest solutions to the problem of mortality relies in simply constructing sufficiently fine mechanical systems to take over where our own bodies fail, such micromechanical systems are known as nanotechnology.      Cell repair nanomachines will be comparable in size to bacteria and viruses, but their more-compact parts will allow them to be more complex. They will travel through tissue as white blood cells do, and enter cells as viruses do - or they could open and close
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