Methods Of Software Development Project Management

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There are several methods of software development, out of these most practically used are agile methodology and the plan driven approach this is a summary of both the approach and their comparison and compatibly with the user requirement for the better results and hybrid technique which resulted in combination of agile methodology and plan driven method with a comprehensive spectrum of tools and options

Agile development is a methodology, it’s not a tool, it’s not the exact way of communicating, it’s a whole methodology, it’s also a type of project management, but it’s really a way of working as a team, there are several ways of executing the agile methodology agile is a way of executing the software
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It’s very collaborative process, for a team following the agile methodology for developing an application, everybody should be collaborating with each other at every stage of developing the application, these are the key points about agile methodology, with the agile methodology the changes can be made without getting the entire program rewritten, this approach not only reduced over heads it also helps in upgrading of programs, the other advantage of agile methodology it ensures that bugs are caught and eliminated in the development of each cycle and the project is tested every time. There are different types of agile methodologies they are XP (extreme process), Scrum, Lean software development, AUP (agile unified process), FDD (feature driven development) all these agile methodologies are customer driven and are light weight approaches, they are collocated and collaborative for developers, in the view of customers this method is dedicated, knowledgeable ,collocated, representative and empowered. Rapid changes in the requirement and need for new requirements, architecture is designed for only current requirements and architecture may change accordingly with the change in requirements. Refactoring is inexpensive, so n number of changes can be made as it doesn’t affect the budget, this process is best suited for smaller teams and products, and primary objective of
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