Methods Of The Ten Commandments

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When people think about God, they oftentimes think about the ten commandments. Humans think of/use the ten commandments as a way that will guarantee them a seat in heaven once their time comes. The ten commandments were first written in the Hebrew Scriptures. Hebrew Scriptures were used as Israel’s witness to its encounter with God and developed over time by several authors (Konigsburg). In Exodus 20:1-21, The Ten Commandments contain Gods words of how humans should live their lives in order to live a nice, peaceful life. Information about the most important commandment can be found in Mark 12:28-34. Utilizing the different Hermeneutic methods allows readers to understand the biblical readings (Konigsburg). Some hermeneutic methods include the historical/critical method, socio-cultural method, and literary method. Each method is used to show different things about the readings. Mark12:28-34 is an important scripture because it contains important and vital information about history, society, and how people should live their lives.
To provide some background information, in the Christian scriptures, the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark Luke, and John are presented. The four Gospels all contain the words and actions of Jesus, which is why they are considered the central part of the bible. The four Gospels serve as theological witnesses for Christ events and are different because of the various translations (perspective and concerns) the different communities had for them. The
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