Methods Of Using Preferred Learning Styles From Which They Trust They Can Learn

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Project managers have proven to be very good listeners. They constantly interact with subordinates and other senior workers, hence creating opportunities for them to learn from others, understand work in competitive environment and know how to self-improve themselves. Moreover, Company leaders are very keen on external and internal threats that can harm their personal progress. I realized that they are confident but not over confident and they avoid problems with colleagues and keep great internal and external relationships. 2.1.3 APPLY APPROPRIATE TECHNIQUES TO IDENTIFY PREFERRED LEARNING STYLE: People have different learning styles from which they trust they can learn better. Project managers have different ways of learning things which…show more content…
A lot of discussion is done (Gemmell, R.M., 2017). This style encourages group work since the whole organization works to the accomplishment of common goals. This style of leadership requires a lot of energy and effort to get work done. Pragmatist They put their ideas and techniques into practice and go straight to the point. They prefer learning through practical experiences. They experiment with theories, ideas and techniques and put everything into practice so as to make sure their findings are relevant to the present world. In this sense my most appropriate learning style is Activists. This is because they like being in the action. Learning by experience, learning from their past and present mistakes. Every step is a learning process. 2.1.4 SUITABLE METHODS TO ASSESS THE OUTCOMES OF A PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN AGAINST PERSONAL WORK OBJECTIVES The personal development plan for managers reflects portfolio for manager and help them identify their learning, performance and achievement efforts (Greenan, 2016). The following PDP for a strategic operations manager will consider Specific and SMART (specific, measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Timely) objectives to design the plan. Moreover, it will entail analysis of his personal and professional skills to assess future career development pursuits. The PDP will enable him enrich the functional consultancies to accomplish strategic objectives and goals: The following
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