Methods To Re-Grow Hair Edges

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Methods to re-grow hair edges

In most cases, the losing your edges occurs over a period of time. Similarly, re-growing those edges will take time and patience. Generally speaking, hair growth takes time and you will also need time to assess the success of the particular method you are using to re-grow your edges.. You may need to combine methods or go through a few to find the one that works best for you. The point is, you should be prepared to stick with the re-growing process for some time. It is unlikely to be a quick process.
When looking to re-grow your edges you must first stop the practices that lead to your hair loss. Otherwise, you will only be growing new hair in order to lose them. Style hair in ways that minimize tension on your hairline and keep the hairline moisturized. These guidelines apply regardless of the approach you take to re-grow your edges. Let us look at a few methods you can use to re-grow your edges.
Jamaica black castor oil
Castor oil is reputed to help re-grow and thicken hair and you will find many champions for its use. It can be too thick for some but is easily diluted with other oils like coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. Coconut oil is preferred due to its ability to strengthen hair from within. If you are using castor oil for
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This oil is able to enter the hair shaft and bind with the proteins strengthening the hair from within. The ability of coconut oil to enter the hair shaft is a quality few oils possess. Combining coconut oil with castor oil means your new growth will be strong and moisturized making it less likely to break off. There s no evidence to suggest that coconut oil itself will promote hair growth, what it will do is keep that growth strong so that it is unlikely to break off provided proper hair care practices are in place. Read more about the benefits of coconut oil for hair
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