Methods Used For Obtaining Primary Data From My Community 25 Points

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Methods Used To Obtain Primary Data From My Community 25 Points Having a co-worker as a key informant, proved to be of great advantage in obtaining the primary data on my community. After my initial meeting with my community, I felt I needed to gather more information about my population. The official data I gathered from my research lacked the specificity that only an aggregate could provide, e.g., more insightful and accurate information about the population (Nies & McEwen, 2015). Thankfully, I was able to schedule a 30-minute face-to-face meeting with Gladys in order to validate and cross-reference the secondary data I have gathered at the beginning of my project. To facilitate the process, I prepared a Data Collection Plan Worksheet and a set of questions to ensure that I get the most relevant information about my community. I refrained from asking yes or no questions and chose to ask “probing questions that will encourage my key informant to reflect more deeply on the meaning of her comments” (UCLA Center For Health Policy Research, n.d.). In addition, I drafted questions that I felt would elicit more revealing information about my community and at the same time tap upon my informant’s expertise and unique viewpoint (UCLA Center For Health Policy Research, n.d.). Questions Posed to the Key Informant 1. What health concerns or issues did the women express during the sessions? 2. What was the number one health concern that most of the women have in common? 3.
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