Pros Of Abortion Research Paper

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The methods and laws of abortion are always changing. Different countries have different laws about what conditions are needed for it to be legal. There are many methods of abortion that have been used in the past. Some are still used today and some have been outlawed. Abortion is very controversial when it comes to human rights.

Legalities of abortion are constantly changing all around the world. Abortion law divides everyone into five categories. The first category includes countries that either totally prohibit abortion or only permit it to save a woman’s life. About 26% of the world’s population fall into this category. 68 countries are included in this group. Some of these 68 countries have zero exceptions to …show more content…

Some countries in this category are China, France, The Russian Federation and the United States.

There are many methods of abortion. Different ways to abort a fetus can be used depending on what stage of pregnancy a woman is at. Another thing that is taken into consideration is the size of a child. Abortion at 8 weeks are usually suction abortions and they’re performed using a smaller tube, requiring little dilation of the cervix. This is called "menstrual extraction." If remains of the child are not removed, the woman could get infection and end up needing a second procedure that requires full dilation of the cervix. Suction Aspiration is the most common method of abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Anesthesia is given to the other and the cervix is quickly dilated. A tube with a sharp edge is inserted into the womb. The other end of this instrument is connected to a vacuum 29 times stronger than a household vacuum. The unborn child is sucked out of the womb into a bottle, then the bottle is discarded. Dilation and Curettage is similar to Suction Aspiration with the added insertion of a sharp hook shaped knife inserted into the womb through the cervix that cuts the baby into small pieces. The pieces are then scrape out through the cervix. Dilation and evacuation is used up to 18 weeks. In this process a forceps are inserted into the woman’s womb and the forceps grasp the bones of the unborn

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