Methods in Performing Assessment

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I would be discussing the following four areas: A) Principles of assessments. B) Peer and self assessment. C) Feedback and questioning. D) Types of assessment records. Principles of assessments VALIDITY A valid form of assessment measures what it supposes to be measured. “A valid assessment must also assess a sample of the abilities that are required in the curriculum” (Ian Reece, 2007, teaching, training and learning) Fairness: Fairness censures that everyone has an equal chance of getting a good assessment. “All learners are entitled to a fair assessment and should be given the best opportunity to demonstrate their ability” (Ann Gravels, 2008, preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector) Authenticity: The work…show more content…
Assessment records Recording Recording provides the platform from which teachers can base their reporting to others and is a mechanism for evaluating learning and teaching. “If you are teaching a programme which does not lead to a formal qualification, you will still need to record learner progress.”(Ann Gravel, 2008, planning and enabling learning in the lifelong learning sector) These are the some assessment record which I will use to meet organizational and external requirement. Application forms: Application forms can be used to determine the individual learning plan of learners. Portfolio: Portfolios attempt to pass information to learners and other teachers about learner’s progress and achievements in all areas of study. Tracking sheets: Tracking sheet is a helpful tool to assess the ongoing progress of students. It is important to keep the tracking sheet to assess the ability and quality of their work during the course. It is important to keep the tracking sheet to assess the ability and quality of their work during the course. Conclusion Assessment processes are an essential part of everyday classroom practice and involve both teachers and learners in reflection, dialogue and decision making. Teachers require the professional knowledge and skills to: plan for assessment; observe learning; give feedback to learners and support learners in self-assessment. A review by peers is very

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