Methods of Evangelism

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Summary of Method This method is to use love, compassion, and service to reach people. We have to remember to always have a smile on our face and do this with a generous heart. Meaning that we want to the work of a servant, just as Jesus set an example by washing the disciple’s feet (John 13:1-17). Jesus wants to show that no one is above doing a servant’s work. I also see motivation of servant evangelism in Mathew 25. Jesus is telling his deciples to feed the hungry, give the homeless shelter and cloths, take care of the sick, and meet the essential needs of people, when doing this; it would be the same as if the disciples were meeting the needs of Jesus. Savant Evangelism is more about showing love thru the gospel rather…show more content…
Disadvantages of Using This Method The disadvantage is the non-believer has to be willing to accept the teachings of the Bible and that it is the word of God. Some people may even claim that there is no God. In this situation they are not open to the teachings of the word of God, and may claim that it is not as simple as it seems. Application of These Methods to Your Own Life There are advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods of evangelism that were mention in the above writing. I have studied and even taught the Roman Road and it is a good method to use when scriptures are needed to be introduced. Explosion Evangelism gives good training to people new to evangelism and give them a good structure to go by. But in today’s time, I strongly see the need of having a servant’s heart as Jesus was the ultimate example of how a servant of God should minister. This is why I believe that Servant Evangelism would be most effective in my life. In doing this it also helps to keep me humble, as I am know to have a proud heart at times. God has been and is working on my heart to be more thoughtful of my fellow man and giving me a desire to help others and their needs, especially the need of Christ in their lives. References About Servant Evangelism, Servant Evangelism, 2014, Early and Wheeler, 2010, Evangelism Is… How to

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