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Methods of Evangelism Tyler Blalock Liberty University Online The Romans Road Summary of Method – The Romans Road is a method of evangelism and is considered an intellectual method. It is a plan of salvation that utilizes various verses derived from the book of Romans. These verses are often memorized and used by evangelists to form a cohesive explanation of the need of salvation. Advantages of Using This Method – There are several advantages to the Romans Road method. One is that it is an easy way to explain and share the Gospel. These various verses, when put together, depict a clear and easy presentation. Another advantage is that it very much Biblically based. In explaining salvation, it is literally using Scripture in…show more content…
While this can be true, it should also be noted that the Holy Spirit will move in these situations and God should be trusted. Application of These Methods to Your Own Life What method best suits you? A method that I have used several times is the Evangelism Explosion method. However, one thing that I am intentional about is to only use the questions/method to enter into a completely authentic conversation. Why is this the best method for you? As stated above, I use this method to get a spiritual conversation started. It is a great way of beginning spiritual, as opposed to trying to lead a conversation toward talking about God (which is also a great way for me). Once a person begins talking and answering, I choose to customize any responses completely for that person’s life. I never want to sound like it is scripted and I always make it a point to listen to the other person. Essentially, I use this method to lead into sharing my own testimony and having a real and authentic conversation with someone. I simply strive to build trust and be as friendly as possible. Is this the best method to use with the people in your life? Why or Why Not? I do think that it is a great method. While there are other methods I use as well and prefer at times, the Evangelism Explosion can be great in getting a conversation started. As far as being the best method, it is difficult to say because I discern every situation and use the method that I feel

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