Methods of Identifying Hazards

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Health and Safety in a workplace
What is a hazard?
A hazard is any way damage, harm or anything affecting health at work. Hazards can be caused by any health effects or by organizations as property or equipment.
What is a risk?
A risk is if a person has a change that they will be harmed due to a hazard. Factors that can affect the risk are; how much the person has been affected by the hazard and how severe the effects were.
Evaluate the Risk:
For evaluating the risk, the hazards have to be spotted first. By law you have to do everything “reasonably practicable” to stop anyone in the workplace from getting an injury while using equipment. For example when using a pillar drill a plastic transparent cover could be used to protect the
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For adequate PPE employees should wear equipment they have chosen so they are more comfortable with wearing the PPE, also must be good quality equipment because the products will last longer and be more reliable. Employees must be trained on how to use the equipment and to explain why it’s needed, and how important the protection is. For example on a construction site a safety helmet is needed because in case of falling objects flying overhead, added extras can be added to a safety helmet such as goggles to protect eyes also. Also equipment such as protected boots with the steel toe caps and penetrate resistant materials, this is good on a construction site because can stop items falling and damaging or cutting the employees feet, also can be used with the correct sole to stop slips at work which may cause an injury to the worker.
Risk Assessments:
The first step of any risk assessment is to evaluate the hazards, depending on what type of work there is, there are many different hazards that needed to be taken into consideration. Also on a construction site it may not always just be the employees getting harmed, it could be the public, contractors or visitors. There are many risks that can happen every day and it is very unlikely to be able to get rid of all the risks from a workplace. The risk assessment should only include what risks are major and can cause a big problem to the workers. In any risk
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