Methods of Observation. Level 3 Diploma in Children and Young Peoples Workforce

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Narrative/free description/written record or running record
A running record is a very detailed description of the behaviour of a child over a short period of time, often less than five minutes. The observer watches a child or group of children and note down everything he sees, which gives the portrait of the child and his activity during this particular period of time.
The observer sits quietly and tries not to draw attention to him as his interaction may affect the behaviour of the child. It helps to avoid eye contact!
These observations usually cover a short period of time are written in the present tense because you record things as they happen. Sticky note could be use to jot down the information.
It is a good
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The aggressive behaviour might include hitting, biting, scratching, and verbal abuse or temper tantrum.
The advantages of event sample are very important, they give us very precise data, when the data has been collected the data is very accessible. One very important advantage is that it can reveal unexpected patterns and behaviour.
The disadvantages of event sample are that when the child is observed it is very difficult not to be noticed this by the child this is turn may give false results. Another main disadvantage is observing a child may be very difficult at times, the observer may lose concentration therefore not able to log all the details.

Narrative of descriptive paragraph recorded after the behaviour occurs.
An anecdote is a story. In reality when the child is being observed its like telling a story when and what happens. It is a very difficult thing to do but the data collected is very important to child psychologists, all the data collected is normally in the past the When used for observing; it is a story about a child’s behaviour.
Anecdotes are the most commonly used tool in gathering information about children.
One of the main reasons for this is because they are quick to record. It is a good idea to carry a notebook and pen with you at all times. Quickly jot down some brief notes to jog your memory. Later when time permits
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