Methods of Reducing Patient Wait Times

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Methods of Reducing Patient Wait Times March 3, 2013 Research Questions Which Tools Can Be Used to More Efficiently Manage the Flow of Patients in the Facility? Which Tools Would Be Used to Make Decisions on Streamlining the Process? What the Research States: Cleveland Clinic addressed this problem of patient wait times and states findings that include: The need for a multidisciplinary team Registration process changed Scheduling process changed Lab processes changed Leadership implementations Research Continued The work of Santibanez, et all (nd) reports that scenario analysis was used to determine the best outcomes and in development of configurations that achieved a reduction of up to 70% of patient wait times and 25% in physical space requirements, for the same appointment volume. Key Recommendations Stated by Santibanez et al (nd) Redistribute clinic workload more evenly across the week and time of day; Allocate examination rooms more flexibly and dynamically among individual clinics within each of the programs; Promote clinic punctuality and re-evaluate scheduling practices. References Rodak, S. (2012) How Cleveland Clinic Reduced Cancer Patients' Wait Times by More Than 80%. Becker's Hospital Review. 26 Sept 2012. Retrieved from: Santibanez, P. et al (nd) Reducing Patient Wait Times and Improving Resource
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