Methods to Motivate Employees

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Methods to Motivate Employees Barbara Snow HCS/325 August 20, 2012 Dr. Robert Perdiue Motivational Methods Health care organizations in recent decades have found they must do more with fewer resources, in particular fewer human resources. Economic instability in the United States coupled with governmental changes in health care reimbursement structures have compelled considerable reductions in force in health care organizations and in some instances elimination of services previously provided. In this economic environment, dedicated and motivated employees in health care facilities are the most valuable resources of the organization. However, for employees to be valuable to the organization they must be engaged in the goals,…show more content…
Employees must be allowed actively to participate in problem- solving and process improvements to be engaged with moving the department forward. When it comes to personal growth, people need to feel that they are advancing toward their career objectives and are learning and contributing new ideas. To feel engaged at work, they need to feel that their manager cares about their own personal growth and advancement, Kruse (2012). The concept of teamwork and personal growth has been successful in many organizations and has been proven to improve employee job satisfaction. Having open and honest communication with individuals and teams is another method of motivating employees. In order for employees to be engaged in achieving departmental goals they must feel as though they are appreciated and their thoughts and ideas are valued. A manager must have effective communication skills with staff to build these relationships. According to Kruse (2012), communication is critical because it forms the backbone for all other engagement efforts. It is important for managers to create a system of two-way communication and not just a method of broadcasting information as found in many organizations. Suggestion for effective communication include: being an active listener, using a variety of personal communication tactics, communicate what the goals
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