The Woman Who Created No Metoo Long Before Hashtags

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Women’s claims of sexual harassment have been ignored for far too long, but times are changing. Women’s voices are becoming more apparent and are beginning to be heard after years of being silenced. The #metoo campaign is providing a place for women’s stories about their sexual harassment and abuse experiences to be shared.

This #metoo campaign started when an activist Tarana Burke met a young girl who told Ms. Burke about her sexual abuse experience, which led to Ms. Burke to create a nonprofit organization called Just be Inc. This nonprofit organization promotes health and the wellness of young females.

Ms. Burke was left speechless that she didn’t have a response to the young girl’s story. According to The New York Times’ article The Woman Who Created #MeToo Long Before Hashtags. “I didn’t have a response or a way to help her in that moment, and I couldn’t even say ‘me too’,” said Ms.Burke.
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After numerous women came forward with their sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, actress Alyssa Milano encouraged others to spread the #MeToo phrase to provide a voice to victims of sexual harassment and abuse.

In a tweet, Ms. Milano stated: “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.” After her tweet, social media was flooded with numerous stories of sexual harassment and assault. Her tweet had reached tens of thousands of people across the world and encouraged celebrities to voice their harassment or assault experiences on social media. This movement was not only limited to women it also included men who voiced their harassment and assault
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