Metro 2033, by Dmitry Glukhovsky

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Machines are everywhere. They take up every aspect of our lives: our waking up, our getting to school/work, and even at school/work. But when mankind’s machines are used for ill, the results could mean the death of us. Nuclear ICBMs pose a constant threat; just one of their 250 warheads can level cities with a single, grand explosion, and one warhead can contaminate 250 miles of air and land, making it inhospitable for thousands of years. In Metro: 2033, the worst scenario has been realized: the 2013 nuclear war has annihilated most of humanity, and the few thousand people living in the Moscow Metro (Московское метро) are struggling to survive mutant attacks, believing again in ancient superstitions and fears, warring over …show more content…
Artyom watched his mother and father die before being saved at the last minute by Sukhoi, just arriving on a patrol from station VDNKh. Fifteen years after the attack, Artyom lives at VDNKh with an abomination and fear of rats, where he harvests underground mushrooms and occasionally patrols the station’s borders, which come its under attack from the Dark Ones, a horrific, mutant species best described as anti-human. They sprint incredibly fast on human-like arms and legs and are completely black- even their eyes. They emit horrifying screams and merely seeing one is enough to make most completely insane. Though Artyom loves his station, he longs to travel throughout the Metro like his “father”, Sukhoi. Then he meets Hunter, a brave breed of soldier who is daring enough to venture to the radioactive surface, returning with objects of value such as motor fuel, parts, and books. When confronted by Hunter, Artyom reveals his dark secret: Artyom ascribes the Dark One’s appearance to a childhood adventure to an abandoned station which inadvertently opened the gate to the surface. Hunter went off to fight the Dark Ones, hoping to reclose the blast door. He gives Artyom an order: if he doesn’t return, Artyom was to take Hunter’s necklace to his friend and tell him the news. In a dream, Hunter tells

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