Metro Manila Developmental Screening Test

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Williams’ Metro Manila Developmental Screening Test (MMDST)

Metro Manila Screening Test or MMDST is simple, clinically useful tool and an early detection model that applies to the detection of developmental disabilities in children. It is a modification and standardized by Dr. Phoebe D. Williams from the original Denver Developmental Screening Test or DDST by Dr. William K. Frankenburg. The MMDST is designed to detect development delays in children 2 weeks to 6 and half years of age.
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In present, JACD is not experiencing difficulty in urinating and independently go to comfort room to eliminate waste. He doesn’t experience urinating in bed while sleeping.

Finally, in the stage where he belongs; Phallic stage, the client’s pleasure appears to shift from the anal to the genital area. The client has no signs that he is doing masturbation but the examiner cannot sure of this thing is happening at home. The client already knows the differences of two genders and in what gender he belongs. He is more closed to her mother than his father and being always with her mother even at house, as verbalized by the mother. His companions are composed of male. In this stage where child really start to become aware of their bodies

C. Harry Stack Sullivan Interpersonal Development
Harry Stack Sullivan (1892–1949), the father of interpersonal psychiatry or Interpersonal Psychoanalysis. He proposed interpersonal theory of personality. He explained the role of interpersonal relationships and social experiences in shaping personality. He also explained about the importance of current life events to psychopathology. The theory further states that the purpose of all behavior is to get needs met through interpersonal interactions and decrease
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