Metrobank Strama (Feu-Iabf)

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I. Executive Summary


The Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, commonly known as Metrobank, is the largest bank in the Philippines in terms of assets and is also the largest Philippine bank in terms of overseas presence. It has a diverse offering of financial services, from regular banking to insurance. Considering the EFE, Metrobank’s current competitive position or business strength in the industry is above average. Overall, it has been coping up well with the factors which can positively or adversely affect its financial positioning, especially in the current period.

Based on the IFE result, the highest internal strength of Metrobank is that being resilient, well capitalized, and profitable, right now
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The inflation targets have been set at 3.5 percent with a tolerance interval of + 1.0 percentage point for 2009 and 4.5 percent with a tolerance interval of + 1.0 percentage point for 2010. The BSP makes the announcement of the inflation target two years in advance. The inflation target for 2009 was announced in December 2007 while the inflation target for 2010 was announced in December 2008. Inflation targeting is an approach to monetary policy that involves the use of a publicly announced inflation target set by the Government, which the BSP commits to achieve over a two-year horizon. Promoting price stability is the Metrobank’s priority.
Foreign Exchange Metrobank also offers its client access to more competitive pricing for foreign exchange. It can be a partner that exporters/importers, corporate treasurers and investors can depend on in managing foreign exchange risks. And it also offers FX Forwards to clients who would like to hedge their future foreign exchange requirements, obligations or exposures ;( 1) Spot; (2) forward. Minimum Amount Required for FX Forwards: US$ 5,000 or its equivalent in other acceptable currencies. Term: Maximum of 3 years.
Loans and Credit Operations
Rediscounting. It is a standing credit facility provided by the BSP to help Metrobank and other banks meet temporary liquidity needs by refinancing the loans they extend to their clients.
Emergency Loans. Metrobank extends financial assistance in the form of
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