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Metropolitan Museum As I look at the painting of The Adoration of The Shepherds, two artists, Andrea Mantegna and El Greco, showed it different ways with same subjects. First, the title of the paintings is about Jesus's birth. Andrea mantegna artist had lived from ca 1430 to 1506. He established his reputation when he was 20 years old. This painting is the evident of his highly individual style. He worked it during ca 1451 to 1453. He painted it in horizontal format with 153/4x217/8(40x55.6). He used tempera on a canvas that transferred from a wood. In difference, El Greco(Spain 141-1641) worked it with oil color on canvas by vertical format. The size is 125 5/8x707/8(319x180cm). In Greco's painting, the objects are full on the canvas…show more content…
The angel figures in El Greco's are as humans that they are looking something like a name list. Holy Maria is in the each of the paintings, but the Maria in El Greco's painting is just looking at the baby. But Maria is praying to God in Mantegna's painting. I see differences between the two pictures about painting styles. In Mantegna, it is painted sensitively in every figures that all of clothes wrinkles are showed. This painting is a detailed realistic work. Also, the mountain and the land have many lines to show realism. However, Greco's painting is worked as tone by colors. It feels smooth, but is heavy surrounding. It is used by oil colors, so it is painted smoothly. It is worked very well. However, the Mantegna's painting is showed very brightly with tempera colors. The brushes are stroked strongly, but it is also worked well. The settle of the Greco's painting is in inside; however, Mantegna's painting has the landscape in outside. This painting seems that the time is arternoon. Greoc's painting is focused to angels who are placed on top. However, Mantegna's painting is focused to Holy Maria who is placed in middle side. Each artist showed their own styles, so I can see the different styles of the paintings. Although it feels differently, the both of the paintings are successful work that used nice colors at that time. However, I like Greco's work because the
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