Meursault Critical Thinking

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Meursault is psychologically detached from the world around him. Things that would seem to be very significant for most people, such as a marriage or a parent’s death, do not matter to him. He shot a guy 4 times even though the guy had died after one shot. Even though he killed a guy for no reason, I do not think Meursault deserved to be executed. Instead I believe he needs help with his thinking and emotions because his mindset thinks that killing someone doesn't matter due to the fact that everyone dies.

Meursault believes that because every human eventually dies, nothing anybody does really matters. This way of thinking is a problem because it can lead to him make bad choices that get him into a lot of trouble. An example of this would
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on page 63 it said “they wanted to know if I had hired an attorney. I admitted I hadn't and inquired whether it was really necessary to have one .why do you ask? He said. I said I thought my case was very simple.” This shows that he really doesn't have a sense or morality because he doesn't seem to care about whether or not he has an attorney.

Do to the murder committed by Meursault, with motive it demonstrates that he has no sympathy toward the consequences of his actions, because of the fact that he needs psychological help. An example that demonstrates that Meursault has no concern for the consequences would be when he chose to execute the person on the shoreline and instead of fleeing like every other person he decided to hang out in the same area he slaughtered the person because he didn't care that he killed the guy,because he thinks it doesn't matter due to the fact everyone dies at on point which is a twisted way to think.

Although Meursault is psychologically detached from the world around him, he does not deserved to be executed for his crime. Due to the way he thinks it ends up leading him making bad
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