Meursault's View Of Life

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Camus as our last reading was probably the easiest to read, however it was very depressing. Camus introducing the character Meursault who is an average working man, in which we come to find out he believes in life is meaningless and that you can have goals and desires but then reality comes in and you have what you have. And he made a point in saying if you try to say otherwise you aren’t living in truth because the meaning of life will never be found. Toward the end of the novel is when we really get inside Meursault’s head on these thoughts “but everybody knows life isn’t worth living” (Camus 114). He goes on to describe the fact of life that doesn’t matter what age, man or women, natural death or execution everyone was going to die and…show more content…
However in our other Daoism novel Chuang Tzu we see the a similarity in the way he talks about the True Man saying “The True Man of ancient times slept without dreaming and woke without care; he ate without savoring... he know nothing of loving life(Tzu 74), which we see as the same qualities as Meursault going through the motions of life without really knowing of anything else. “ I slept until…show more content…
First difference we find is in family relations Confucius believed in good family relations and that was the key to a good society saying “exemplary persons concentrate their efforts on the root, for the root having taken hold, the way will grow therefrom” (Confucius Bk 1.2). Meursault didn’t see this at all in fact was called out because he didn’t know his mother’s age saying “fairly” meaning he didn’t even really know his mother and he also said that they had become bored with each other and didn’t have anything to say anymore and that it was better for her to be a home where she could make her own friends (Camus 4). Since Confucius was a family orientated philosopher he would not have agreed with this family relation that Meursault had with his mom. For filial piety with Confucius said that if one has respect and loyalty and then treated his/her family correctly that you would follow in filial which is very important to Confucius more important than the law. Also ritual propriety talked about “Master Zeng said be circumspect in funerary services and continue scarifies to the distant ancestors, and the virtue of the common people will thrive” (Confucius 1.9). For the funeral service need to show solicitude for parents at the end of their lives and after they die and for the service even after they are gone. The funeral should be
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