Mexacan Immigration before the 1960's

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Mexican Immigration before the 1960s

Mexican immigration has impacted many important components here in the United States of America (U.S.) and in its major institutions of society. In the following paper I will be focusing on the nature of social policies (or the lack thereof) that Americans had developed with respect to Mexican immigration by 1960. Specifically this paper will be detailing six different areas: the Mexican American War, Anti-Mexican American violence, Texas, the Great Depression, the Bracero program, and documented versus undocumented status. Each of these areas will be explaining the mistreatment that Mexicans encountered because of the nature of policy enactments by
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The lack of social policy in protecting Mexicans was the result of such violence towards Mexican human beings.
Texas (1900-1930) During this time and under the economy institution in Texas, many Mexicans were used for agriculture. The truth is that the U.S. was dependent on migrant labor for agriculture, because without these laborers the U.S. agriculture would falter (Stoddard, 2007). This basically explained that the U.S. was dependent on these Mexican laborers. Without these certain workers, agriculture in the U.S. would have not been as effective because the Whites would have not done the tedious work. During work hours, many Mexicans encountered hardships mainly because of discrimination. For instance, Americans would say derogatory things to them, such as “work harder wet-backs and do what you do best.” Mexicans were name-called and put down constantly which affected them. During this time, most Mexicans did not have a say in anything mainly because the U.S. lacked a social policy to protect them. In addition, most immigrants feared getting fired or worse deportation. Non-immigrant Mexicans were the main “out-group” that found it difficult to obtain assistance because of this Mexican ideology; that Mexicans are “inferior” beings. Many Americans began categorizing all Mexican decent individuals as immigrants. For instance, Mexican Americans began receiving the same unfair and unjust treatment

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