Mexican American And Mexican Americans

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II. Mexican Americans A. Brief explanation regarding the history of this ethnic group Mexican’s American who are they, and why did they migrate to American; what were they in search of. Mexican American’s are one of the largest ethnic group in America today average of more than half of the populace; nearly reaching more than 30 million in the United States alone. Compassed by these immigrants more than half are here illegally that migrated over to the United States in search of a better living. Moreover, others are here as original citizens, or of the group that was given naturalization. Thus, taking place in deliberation of the colonial era, in the mid 1920’s, where increasingly moor Mexican’s foreigners have crossed our…show more content…
B. Reasons to immigrate i. Reason 1 Better Life style, and better education; and financial support for family members in Mexico A. While Mexican American’s came to America for many diverse motives, utmost come to seek a better life style, including that of pecuniary sanctuary; to be able to support their relations abroad. B. While others crossed the border to obtain a better eminence of education for their offspring, especially, those looking to obtain a sophisticated step ahead of the rest. ii. Reason 2 Medical assistance, Suitable housing; and school funding A. Another alternative motive why Mexican Americans come to America is in pursuit for remedial assistances to better their education. B. They also come to look for low income homes, something that is not offered to them in Mexico; or that may have shaped unethical living circumstance. C. Thirdly, they cross the border to establish medical attention and health benefits, since Mexico only offers very underprivileged homoeopathic aid for these populaces. C. Public policies affecting the ethnic group (two policies per group are needed) i. Public Policy 1 On June 15, 2012 President Obama put in an executive order called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which cancelled or delayed any form of punishment to these migrants from deportation of their children if their
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