Mexican American Civil Rights Movement

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Over the past fifty or so years great strides have been made on the subject of Mexican-American civil rights, but the first pivotal moment for these civil rights barely gets any recognition in the annals of American civil rights, in which it rightly deserves. This victory, which has been labeled “The Longoria Affair”, would cause a momentum within Latino civil rights movement that was previously unseen and would lead the way for political opportunities for Latinos.
Felix Longoria is a name that should be recognizable to the general public, but sadly is not. This young father and husband answered the call of duty in November of 1944 and after basic training was immediately shipped off to fight in the Philippines. Serving as an infantryman he volunteered to join a patrol that was to weed out and exterminate enemy snipers. On June, 16th, 1945 he would give the ultimate sacrifice for his nation while on this particular patrol. According to the reports that his family received, the war department found that the cause of death occurred when a mortar was fired towards him and half of his body was eviscerated. Since the war effort was still ongoing it would be three years before his body would be able to come home to Three Rivers, Texas for a proper burial.
In November 1948 Beatrice, the widow of Felix Longoria, got word from the army that his remains would be returning stateside through San Francisco. This came as a surprise since it had been so long since any information…
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