Mexican American Culture, Cultures And Traditions In Mexican Culture

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nera”, is a show that I watched on youtube. Coming of age. Traditions. Rituals. Every culture has some form of celebration to recognize the coming of an age where you are seen as a young adult. One of the most important celebrations in Mexican culture is the tradition of the quinceañera. The quinceanera is a celebration is a represents a girl’s who is turning 15. From an American perspective, the celebration would seem like the combination of a “sweet sixteen” birthday party and a father daughter dance, debutante ball.
In Mexican communities, the quinceañera honors the birthday girl for her maturity, and also honors the girl’s parents and family, as well as her padrinos or godparents. The godparents, and her mother and father have important roles during the ceremonies. Many cultures have rituals representing the journey to adulthood for both women and men, but the quinceañera is extremely unique.
The origins of the Quinceañera are often attributed to the ancient customs of the Aztecs, but the ceremony and meaning behind it are similar to other ancient cultural initiation rites that occurred throughout the world. Fifteen was the age when many young women left their family home to become wives and then mothers, and almost as though passing through an invisible door, a Latina enters her Quinceañera as a child but emerges as a young woman with new responsibilities. Those who know and love her will see and treat her differently from that day forward. Today, the tradition has

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