Mexican American Culture

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Literature Review of the Mexican Culture
Crystal Contreras
New Mexico State University

This paper is a review on Mexican American culture in the United States. I will discuss the history of this culture and how they became part of the U.S. I will also talk about the different wars and treaty that was signed to give them rights. I will also include the latest in demographics and population from the Census Bureau (2010). I will cover the Mexican Americans prejudices and discrimination and provide slurs that are commonly used in this group. I will go over some resilience factors that helped my ethnic group in dealing with prejudice and discrimination. Another topic of discussion will be what I feel
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In 2010, 37.6 million of Hispanics lived in the eight states; California (28%), Texas (18.7%), Florida (8.4%), New York (3.1%), Illinois (4%), Arizona (3.8%), New Jersey (3.1%) and Colorado (2.1%), and in all other states 25.4%. The highest Proportion in any state was 46% of the total state population in New Mexico.

Mexican Americans experience with Prejudice and discrimination Mexican Americans have been victims of discrimination throughout the history of the United States. A few degrading words that people use when referring to Mexicans are; Wetback, Spic, and Beaner, whether American or not. They also have many stereotypes against them such as lazy, machismos, drunks and many more. One of the main reasons they are discriminated against is because of their illegal immigration into the United States. Mexicans were left no choice but to cross illegally to seek a better life, because of the cost and many obstacles it made it difficult to become a citizen. Often they were forced to work physically demanding jobs for less pay due to non-citizens or lack of options, or because they wanted badly to be part of the U.S and saw themselves to be best off here even if wages were cheaper than back at home. Companies did not make the situation better they took advantage of their need for jobs and employed them with poor working conditions and minimum wage because they knew they had no other choice.
Resilience of the Mexican
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