Mexican American Culture

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Every culture worldwide has its own communication styles and each culture can vary greatly in their perception of time and how they orient themselves with time daily. To understand how these styles and perceptions can impact nursing care; this paper will examine communication style and time orientation of the Mexican culture, and to increase awareness to these issues to guide nurses to provide culturally educated care. The Mexican-American people are among the fastest-growing minority population in the United States (Eggenberger, Grassley, & Restrepo, 2017). By educating nurses on the culture of the Mexican people; nurses can then provide a more competent and appropriate care to these clients. It is often widely thought that the people of Mexico tend to be animated, or heated in their communication styles. For those either unfamiliar with this group of people or lacking knowledge about this group, it can be seen as being out of control. Those of the population who were not raised in the United States may even avoid eye contact with authority figures; which nurses can be seen as, or when they are in awkward situations. This means that nurses should understand that they are not shy nor are they avoiding eye contact to lie, but, rather to be seen as humble or to avoid awkwardness (Luis & Pajewski, 2017) . The nursing workforce should understand that those from Mexico, or those of Mexican descent may appear to nod in agreement when asked a question; but this does not always
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