Mexican American Studies Should Not Be Banned

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“America is woven of many strands. Our fate is to become one, and yet many” (Ralph Ellison qtd. in D 'Angelo). Although this quote may be over fifty years old, its meaning still stands; our country should be made of many different cultures and ethnicities that come together to make one United States. However, this cannot be accomplished if our nation does not allow for different cultures to learn about their own country and hold on to their heritage as well as gaining knowledge on the history of the United States. Thus, Mexican-American studies should not be banned in Arizona because contrary to the belief that learning about other cultural struggles is anti-American, actually focusing on the racial identities within the United States is an important step towards becoming a multicultural nation.
The United States of America is a nation based on the idea of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness, the people from this country have an obligation to make sure that every American can experience these given rights. However by banning Mexican-American studies in Arizona, this right to express and learn about their culture is taken away. According to Kirk Semple of the New York Times, about 41 percent of all Mexicans between ages 16 and 19 [in the city] have dropped out of school. There could be a plethora of reasons why this statistic may be so high for Mexican-Americans, however, based on the statements made by students in the documentary Precious Knowledge, there…

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