Mexican American War : The United States

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Mexican-American war is the war between the United States and Mexico that began in 1846 and ended in 1848. This war broke out because of the unresolved conflicts between the U.S. and Mexico about the borders of Texas. Before 1836, Texas was a part of Mexico, but later it gained independence and named itself the Republic of Texas. After that, Texas was annexed by the United States. The Western and Southern borders of the state remained unclear, and tension between the two countries was rising regarding the territories. The United States offered Mexico a trade; paying off Mexican debt to settlers, in exchange for the lands of Alta California and Nuevo Mexico, however this offer only raised the tensions and led to negotiations that would last for years. In addition to the dispute about the territories, there have been disagreements within the United States in regard to the necessity of the war. The Southern states supported this war, however the industrialized North opposed it. The war ended on February 2, 1868, and gave the United States full control over the following territories: Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, and last but not least, Texas. There were disagreements in the Congress as to who actually provoked the war, and which side first shed blood of the other, but despite the internal tensions, the entire country was pleased with the acquisition of new lands, and was in the state of euphoria. But this euphoria did not last long because
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