Mexican Americans And The Injustices Of The Chicano / Chicana Movement

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Mexican Americans defined the Chicano/Chicana movement. They took pride in their own identity, and they declared their civil rights. They worked towards improving their financial, social, and political situation. The Chicano/Chicana movement brought light to the injustices that Mexican Americans suffered. The movement brought up the struggle for land grant restoration, rights for Mexican American farmworkers, and access to education and politics.

The movement protested the restoration of land grants that were taken away from them. Mexican Americans tried to claim back land that was taken away from them in the 1960s. Their actions were based on the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This treaty was signed by the Unites States as well as Mexico in 1848. This treaty ended the Mexican war. This treaty signed over land to the United States. It was also said that Mexican who were already owners of land would be able to keep it. This was to respect the land grants that they already had. This did not happen and Mexicans lost their land. Those who decided that they were going to stay in the territory that was going to be taken over by the United States were told that they would become United States citizens, and they would gain all the rights of the citizenship. They wanted their land back, so they could build a society of their own where they had control.

The Chicano/Chicana movement also protested the unfair treatment of Mexican American farm workers. Adults and children that were
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