Mexican Cuisine And Its Effects On American Culture

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Peru is different than other Latin American countries because of its immense diversity. Immigrants from all different origins, come together and contribute something special to the original Peruvian culture and cuisine. In Peru, each group of people is different. However, when they arrive in the United States, they are seen as Peruvian. These Peruvians are identified by their country, rather than what region they come from. When they come to America the fear and anxiety of assimilating to a foreign country is eased by the diverse individuals coming together with familiar foods from their shared homeland. At the same time, their food is able to bring a new flavor to mainland culture and American society.
Peruvian cuisine has been influenced by its geography. Peru is divided into three major regions: the western coast, the highlands, and the jungle. In each part, the climate influences the cuisine drastically and adds flavors to the food. The western coast is dry, with a large area of land for agriculture, making it easier for large amounts of potatoes to grow (Ember 1755). In the highlands, where the indigenous community lives, the weather constantly changes. They are able to produce different kinds of food such as corn, rice, and potatoes even due to the weather (Albala 267). Since Peru is in such close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, it is a main resource for fish and therefore is prevalent a lot in the cuisine (Wall 22).
The Inca Empire created Peru’s original cuisine
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