Mexican Culture And Traditional Food Habits

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Introduction The United States has become such a culturally rich country in the last century. (STATS ON HOW DIVERSE THE US HAS BECOME). Mexicans make up 14.5% of the total U.S population. (Ohio State University)The reason I choose Mexican ethnicity is because it’s the largest minority group there is in the United States, yet I don’t know much about their culture. Traditional food habits In the culture, there is a big influence in their food that goes back centuries their indigenous Indian background. The core foods that are present in Mexican culture are corn and corn products. Every region in Mexico has a specialty that that region is known for. The food preparation in the Mexican culture uses many different spices. Mexican cuisine can many times be very spicy. There are 90 varieties of chilies that vary from very spicy to mild, which are traditionally incorporated into many recipes including desserts. Many dishes are rich in tomatoes sauces and it 's very common to have a lot of food fried.(Ohio reports) Customarily Mexicans have four to five meals a day but when living in the United States have changed to 3 meals a day. Every meal has carbohydrate, many times corn tortillas, a protein that may come from an animal source as well as beans, and lastly fat. The fat that many times is used can come from the fat that is used to fry or that is used in the cooking. The economic income has a big impact on the way a family plans their meals. A higher income family will have

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