Mexican Culture Of The United States

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Music has always been an outlet to use to express oneself sorrows, desires, and to tell stories. Mexican Americans have used music for decades to represent and honor their Mexican roots and patriotism, but to also express their struggles in the United States. It’s a pleasant combination of pride, struggle, and the journey of a relatable pain. Stories that are always told with Regional Mexican music are that of “mojados” (wetbacks), undocumented immigrants, deportation, government corruption and drug cartels. One of the most famous Mexican bands to date is Los Tigres Del Norte. Los Tigres sing stories that are relatable to their fans and now with Donald Trump’s presidency it seems the band will have new material at the very least for the…show more content…
But our country is a melting pot that brings together different cultures and languages, a country that brings together different people of color with different backgrounds and unites them to make one nation. There is no perfect description to what an American should look like because we’re all different. But unfortunately, in today’s society the narrative is different. We have built one where immigrants are now outsiders invading our land and taking our resources, even though not so long ago the U.S. did the exact same thing in a more violent and blatant way. Today, these immigrants and primarily Mexicans have been attacked by the comments President Trump made during his campaign. He called Mexicans, “bad hombres” and “rapist and murderers.” Now that he is President there has been a series of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids that have caused paranoia for all the Hispanic community. The deportation of illegal immigrants has been present since the Bush administration and even the Obama administration, but none have stirred the pot as much as Trump’s. In an article by Vox that spoke about the raids, one ICE official from Las Angeles said that of the 151 arrests they made, “all but 5 would’ve been people we would’ve prioritized for enforcement previously.” Trump has set up a decrease in guidelines of what warrants an individual from being deported. Before, there was a set guidelines where they prioritize
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