Mexican Culture : The Sound Of The Drums

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The Sound of Culture
Boom-bara- boom-boom- bara-boom-boom- bara-boom-boom-click-click. The sound of the drums is incredible, what captures everyone 's attention is the sense you have when you hear the rhythm and beat of any song. Music is a big part of my life and my culture. Mexican American culture demonstrates that I am someone who was born in Mexico but lives in America. I had no clue of my culture until I was about 10 years old. When I was growing up I always thought that I was born here but it seems that I wasn 't so I had to understand who I was and where I came from. Its interesting how I discovered the Mexican Culture because I found my culture through the music that I would listen to. Mexican Culture demonstrates a great amount of unity in families when music is presented. Any type of Spanish music connects Mexicans with their family, community, and culture and it influences many families to cherish the value of their culture even more.
Mexican Culture is more of a bond with family than American Culture. Anyone who is Mexican American has lost the connection with their own parents and their traditions have changed the reason is because they consider themselves more American than Mexican. That 's what leads them to forget about their own culture. In the American Culture there is always a bond with families only in holidays. But for Mexican Culture the bond between families are festive and huge. Mexican Culture and American Culture appreciates their music but it 's
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