Mexican Daily Life

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Daily Life

There are a variety of common courtesies that Americans should observe when in Mexico. Some of the important issues of cultural etiquette are described herein. When in Mexico Americans should refrain from calling themselves "Americans." Mexicans consider themselves Americans too since the whole continent is called America. Another part of Mexican culture that may be shocking to American's traveling there is the way machismo is verbalized by male members of Mexican society. Making sexual or derogatory remarks at women is a typical part of the culture and should not be seen as harassment. Wearing a wedding band and mentioning children usually will stop these types of comments. Attempting to speak Spanish even if your Spanish is
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If you do not know if a woman is married or not you should use Senorita followed by her family name. In oral communications you should use the father's family name only. In written communications it is appropriate to use the father's family name first followed by the mother's family name. A respectful smile is always appropriate during greetings. Saying goodbye in Mexico is very similar to the process used for greetings. The host will walk the guest to the door and the goodbye will be said with the same procedure as the greeting. If you received a handshake, abrazo, arm pay or air kiss upon arrival expect the same upon leaving. Etiquette about who initiates the goodbye is the same as for greetings. It is polite to thank your host for the good time. Gift giving in Mexico is very similar to gift giving traditions in the United States. When invited to a Mexican's home, it is considered polite to bring a gift of sweets or flowers. White flowers are a good choice because they are viewed by Mexicans as uplifting. Red flowers are not appreciated because they are used when someone is sick. Marigolds should not be given because they symbolize death. Gift wrapping does not carry any special significance. Gifts are opened immediately in the presence of those who gave them. It is appropriate to respond enthusiastically. Gifts are not used very often in Mexican business. However, bringing a small gift from home to a business partner you have

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