Mexican Drug War : Mexico

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Kelsey McClenning
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28 September 2014
Mexico Drug War According to the FBI, there are more than seventy five open cases of Americans that are kidnapped in Mexico. That is just one of the effects caused by what is called The Mexico Drug War. People are oblivious to what the outcome of drugs, in general, can do. Many have disappeared or been killed, firearm trade from the U.S. has gone up, and the supply of drugs in the U.S has increased. The Mexico Drug war started in December of 2006 and is still lingering about to this day. “From January 2000 through September 2006, the Mexican government arrested over 79,000 people on charges of drug trafficking” (Cook 4). As shown, Mexico has a very known past of dealing with drugs. This being, in 2006 the newly named president Felipe Calderon directed over 6,500 Mexican soldiers to attack current drug traffickers (Mexico Drug War Fast Facts). It was only a matter of time before the deaths of many would soon occur. “In the first few weeks of the government crackdown on drug trafficking, 62 people are killed” (Mexico Drug War Fast Facts). Over the next year, police are spread across Mexico to spot and stop drug corruption, this being a result with 2,837 dead by the end of the first year (Mexico Drug War Fast Facts). As the years grow things become more hectic as directors and police chiefs are getting murdered and many have to hope today is not their last day on earth. For the most part the uninvolved citizens of the…

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