Mexican Folk Songs Or Corridos

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Mexican folk songs or corridos have encounter great change over the years. Some of the changes of corridos can be credited to the different culture we live in now. Corridos in the past have been about the Mexican-American War, but most recently corridos began to be about life struggles such as immigration and the violent drug war. While the topics of corridos have changed over the years, corridos keep a familiar format with focusing on key issues of oppression, daily life, and socially relevant events. In addition, corridos may help spread attention to events going around society that has not been brought up in the media. This at time may be informative or controversial depending on what the artist feel like talking about. Corridos try be about current issues to stay revelate in the music industry. Corridos have a huge following in Mexico because of its strong roots. Its speculated that corridos originated during the Mexican-American war to narrate the battles and war generals of those wars. Much has changed since that Mexican-American war era, but one thing still remains and that the popularity of corridos. Although corridos have much of the same structure as the past, they have changed in a great deal because of the different trends going on in society

Moreover, corridos are known for their style of play. They’re frequently played in conjuntos or bands. Corridos in addition can be played by separate groups such as mariachie and tejeano. The instruments used to play
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