Mexican Food Essay

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Growing up in the mid-west with a Canadian mother and father from Texas I enjoyed a wide variety of food. As a result, my two favorite foods that I enjoy, are Mexican food, particularly chips and salsa, and a Canadian dish named Poutine. While this may seem like a strange combination of foods, they are two foods that I have enjoyed not only eating, but also making. During my research I found the origin and history of Mexican food quite interesting. While researching the website, (n.d.) I discovered a brief history of Mexican food and how that the food we know today as Mexican is a blend that comes from both the Spanish and Aztec’s. According to the website, “It is believed that authentic Mexican food might have been derived…show more content…
I would often go visit family in the summer and enjoy eating poutine with my cousins. I discovered, (2016) that Poutine, or gravy and fries with cheese curds, was first made in a small town in the Quebec province. According to the website, “Fernand Lachance of Café Ideal (later renamed Le Lutin qui rit) has said that he first added curds to fries at the request of Eddy Lainesse, a regular customer, in 1957.” ("Poutine - The Canadian Encyclopedia," n.d.) After this request the dish became popular, but customers of the restaurant would complain about cold fries. Lachance then “…doused the fries and curds with gravy to keep the food warm.” ("Poutine - The Canadian Encyclopedia," n.d.) Interestingly, there is a competing story, on this same site, that states, “In Drummondville, Jean-Paul Roy claims that he invented poutine at his drive-in restaurant Le Roy Jucep in 1964.” ("Poutine - The Canadian Encyclopedia," n.d.). While the exact location of the first dish has been disputed what has not, is that it originated in Quebec and is still quite popular today. Many different countries including the United States, Korea and even Russia serve poutine which you can find on food trucks and in restaurants devoted just to Poutine. ("Poutine - The Canadian Encyclopedia," n.d.) Food is such an amazing product because a dish can be created in one place and show up miles away to
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