Mexican Free Trade Consequences

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Free trade is the concept of countries establishing an open, unrestricted market for imported and exported goods. Free trade between two or more nations is usually established through agreements such as NAFTA. The impacts and consequences of free trade vary wildly. Environmentally issues arise with free trade agreements as these agreements can strip away any country’s local environmental protection laws. Also, free trade can lead to destruction of habitats and forests (including rainforests) in order to create more things to export. Free trade also affects people, on a scale from an individual to an entire workforce of people. One such workforce that was and still is effected by free trade are farmers. One particular group of interest are farmers in Mexico. NAFTA left some negative effects for these farmers. When it was put into place, American crops surged into the market. These goods were cheaper and were available more. Prices plummeted, and unemployment skyrocketed. Some 2 million farmers were dislocated and forced to move families and all since it passed. This has led to some Human rights issues as well. Due to the mass dislocation many Mexicans now live in poverty. However where the effects of NAFTA end and the…show more content…
It leads to more goods being available in more places at lower costs. Free trade also allows for people in more countries to get a job in industry. The downfalls are of course how well they get paid and the working conditions of the job. Another downfall is with legislation hidden within the agreements. In NAFTA and several other trade agreements that allow for corporations to actively sue countries. Due to this Canada has become one of the most sued countries on the planet due to their stricter environmental protection laws and the companies that may disagree with them. Free trade can also endanger the stability of a workforce, putting thousands out of jos. So like most things, free trade comes with a
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