Mexican Icons and Heores

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The subject of the website entitled The Films of El Santo is El Santo. Numerous years after his death, El Santo is still an icon of Mexican popular culture. Even though the comic book that originally facilitated him to gain an enormous celebrity status is long gone, his films are still available on tape, DVD, and on the internet. El Santo was born Rodolfo Guzman Huerta in 1917. Huerta would go on to be the most celebrated wrestler in lucha libre. Santo is featured in 54 films, and in these B grade movies, Santo would be called upon to dispatch such supernatural threats as Dracula and Frankenstein. The websites purpose is to illustrate how the films of El Santo were influenced by the growth and stability and after 1950. El Santo and his wrestling assisted rural migrants to urban Mexico City by showing them how to handle modernization and gave Mexicans a representation of the ideal modern, Mexican man. El Santo is presented as a character that the audience never sees in his films without his silver colored mask. What's more, in several films, El Santo is even see sleeping in it. He is super in the eyes of his Mexican audience but apart from the qualities of a victor wrestler, he has no scientific or supernatural powers. For his audience, he is the same figure whether in the bizarre world of the films or in the wrestling ring—a character who lives in dual worlds, and never without his silver mask. Nonetheless, the wrestling abilities he brings to the films permits him to

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